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Who is Michael Teddy?

A heart with heavenward affections resides in a body that inevitably does good works.

At this ministry’s helm, Mike is dedicated to making the Bible known first to the church & then to the world.

He serves as the preaching pastor at Redemption Hill Church in Trivandrum, Kerala, while also holding a job as a software developer. He began feeling the pull to the preaching ministry very early on in his life when God began gifting him with a passion and diligence to preach the word accurately and effectively. In 2015, God moved in his heart, and those of a small community of family and friends, to come together and plant a church, and he has been serving there ever since.

Over the years, he was convinced of the lack of a consistent biblical worldview that predominates so many of the churches in India, and came to believe that the need for sound theology is as urgent, or even more, within the walls of the church as it is for the world outside. The Cross Purpose exists to serve this purpose, to inform the minds of God’s people & to reform their hearts. 

Married to his wife, Cinu, they now have a baby boy, Ethan, and are looking forward to growing their family.

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