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The Protestant Reformation – An Insight into the Past

What was the Protestant Reformation all about? Who was Martin Luther? And how did this movement give rise to the many churches and denominations that we see today?

Well, we thought of answering those questions by making a small documentary introducing the protestant reformation.

The reformation surely opened up the Scriptures for personal interpretation as opposed to the unhealthy dependence on the clergy many of whom were corrupt. However, the abundance of access to Scripture that we enjoy today has not put aside our responsibility to understand God’s word accurately. The reformation teaches us that God will not forsake His church! As long as we, as Christians, are committed to Christ and our pursuit of his truth, the “gates of hell shall not prevail against us”. 

Our special thanks to Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Dr. Alexander George, Pr. Mario Peter and Br. George Mathew for your kind support and help.

All photos taken from Google images.

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