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A Letter to a 13-Year-Old Dear _____, I got your note about going deeper with your Bible reading. Thanks for asking. First, let me say that I am really encouraged that you take the Bible so seriously. Sometimes I hold it in my hand and feel the wonder that it is the very word of …

It is undeniably easier to be Christian outside our homes. The effort it takes, the humility it calls for and the love that is needed, to be the light inside of our homes, cannot be faked. For this is the real test of our godliness, of our faith.

The hope of prosperity, or rather the reality of it, is that we can prosper even in the slums of India and be a mighty instrument for His glory all the days of our lives, and we’d have been more prosperous than the millionaire who does nothing more than go to church every Sunday.

It is not enough that one confesses Christ as Lord. His life needs to bear the fruit of such a confession. In short, beloved, the new life is evidenced in a believer’s life because he lives a new way, the Christlike way.

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