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How do we glorify God in our “secular” workplaces? Listen in to Mike & Benji as they discuss life as software engineers in episode two of season two. We’ll be releasing new episodes every week, among other content that is going out on our social media. Find and follow us by looking for the Cross …

The Cross Purpose is back! After a short break, we’re back with season 2 of the Cross Purpose podcast, where we’re in the business of informing minds and reforming hearts. In this first episode, Mike and Benji revisit the core vision of the Cross Purpose, and talk about the plans for the coming year. We’ll …

TheCrossPurpose Podcast Episode 10 (Q&A) – We talk about church unity, salvation, the Protestant Reformation and so on… So, we hosted a very short Q&A session during an event held a few weeks back commemorating the Reformation Day. There were several questions about the reformation and about the unity of the church that were fielded …

In today’s episode, we delve into the recent incident involving John MacArthur and his church, Grace Community Church in California, who took a stand against the local government and decided to resume conducting services as they used to. How do we discern, from a Biblical viewpoint, the right reaction to the government closing down churches …

It’s been a while since the last episode, but we’ve come out of our hiatus to discuss the compelling social movement that has begun to gain critical mass in the West and is rapidly spreading throughout the world. How do we understand everything that’s going on around the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and how do …

In this episode, we take on some questions that we’ve received from our listeners. Would Paul have ever heard of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, are women really equal to men, and what on earth do any of these have to do with pants?

A brand new episode of The Cross Purpose podcast, where we come together to answer the age-old question, “Watcha doin’?”We discuss things the lockdown in India has taught us, and how we’ve been spending all the extra time we have now, and also whether or not Christians should watch TV and movies

The Cross Purpose podcast goes live on Resurrection Sunday for Episode 3, as we take on the topic closest to our hearts – the purpose of the Cross of Christ. Join us as we discuss the true gospel, and several questions that believers face regarding the Word of God and the local church.

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