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Welcome to our New Website

Some of you may already be wondering why we decided to refresh our website. Well, let’s admit it, the previous site although it looked fancy was difficult to navigate, especially when you wanted to get to a resource quickly. Having said that, here at TCP, we like changing things around every now and then, except of course our commitment to the centrality of God’s word. That has always been and will always be at the very heart of all our doings.

So, Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it!

You can use the menu bar on the top that lists all of our resource categories and podcast segments. Or, you can use the search icon on the top left to search using any keyword.

As always, we’d love to hear from our readers. You can email us at [email protected] and also follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to know more about TCP, and what we do, click here.

*Disclaimer* – We are still migrating some of our resources to the new site and so it is very possible that you might click on a link that leads to an empty page. If you do, now you know what that means. Check those pages out in a few days and you should start seeing resources under those headings.

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