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Mike kicks off Season 3 with this first episode taking us through Scripture on what it means to preach Christ crucified, the heart of why the TCP ministry exists, and what we hope to do this brand new season.

Now, here’s a word that has been making the rounds among a lot of churches and youth groups, and quite frankly, we don’t like the answers many of you are receiving to the question of ‘Predestination’. So, this episode is for you.

That’s right folks. If men are called to lead their families, they have to be willing to take lead in every aspect of the family, including stepping into the kitchen and getting their hands dirty. Find and follow us by looking for the Cross Purpose on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This time, join Mike & Ashok as they discuss on why God is worthy of worship even through the midst of human suffering. Find and follow us by looking for the Cross Purpose on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check out our podcast page at, or you can read articles from our blog at

How do we glorify God in our “secular” workplaces? Listen in to Mike & Benji as they discuss life as software engineers in episode two of season two. We’ll be releasing new episodes every week, among other content that is going out on our social media. Find and follow us by looking for the Cross …

The Cross Purpose is back! After a short break, we’re back with season 2 of the Cross Purpose podcast, where we’re in the business of informing minds and reforming hearts. In this first episode, Mike and Benji revisit the core vision of the Cross Purpose, and talk about the plans for the coming year. We’ll …

TheCrossPurpose Podcast Episode 10 (Q&A) – We talk about church unity, salvation, the Protestant Reformation and so on… So, we hosted a very short Q&A session during an event held a few weeks back commemorating the Reformation Day. There were several questions about the reformation and about the unity of the church that were fielded …

In today’s episode, we delve into the recent incident involving John MacArthur and his church, Grace Community Church in California, who took a stand against the local government and decided to resume conducting services as they used to. How do we discern, from a Biblical viewpoint, the right reaction to the government closing down churches …

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