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TheCrossPurpose Podcast Episode 10 (Q&A) – We talk about church unity, salvation, the Protestant Reformation and so on… So, we hosted a very short Q&A session during an event held a few weeks back commemorating the Reformation Day. There were several questions about the reformation and about the unity of the church that were fielded …

It’s been a while since the last episode, but we’ve come out of our hiatus to discuss the compelling social movement that has begun to gain critical mass in the West and is rapidly spreading throughout the world. How do we understand everything that’s going on around the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and how do …

In this episode, we take on some questions that we’ve received from our listeners. Would Paul have ever heard of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, are women really equal to men, and what on earth do any of these have to do with pants?

A brand new episode of The Cross Purpose podcast, where we come together to answer the age-old question, “Watcha doin’?”We discuss things the lockdown in India has taught us, and how we’ve been spending all the extra time we have now, and also whether or not Christians should watch TV and movies

The Cross Purpose podcast goes live on Resurrection Sunday for Episode 3, as we take on the topic closest to our hearts – the purpose of the Cross of Christ. Join us as we discuss the true gospel, and several questions that believers face regarding the Word of God and the local church.

The hope of prosperity, or rather the reality of it, is that we can prosper even in the slums of India and be a mighty instrument for His glory all the days of our lives, and we’d have been more prosperous than the millionaire who does nothing more than go to church every Sunday.

John 3:16 makes no sense if you don’t know the supreme glory of the God who loves, the grace of His begotten Son who was given, the invincible power of the Spirit who quickens us to believe and the unbridled depravity of the man who is offered the imperishable hope of eternity.

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