April 17, 2022

The Great I AM

The resurrection is not an additional achievement to the work of Christ, it is an elemental transaction that happened, the climactic conclusion to the redemptive work that sealed our justification. Not only did he take our sins upon the cross, but he absolved our guilt in his resurrection. We are redeemed because Jesus defeated death.
April 17, 2022

Concern about the Coalition (Part 1) | Ep 2 | Brook Kidron

There is a big difference between the Gospel’s impact upon the world, and the world’s impact upon the world in the name of the Gospel.
April 17, 2022

What we’re all about | Ep 1 | Brook Kidron

we’re saying that the historical Gospel as it has always been understood, as it is taught in Scripture, is not the Gospel that is popularly preached in our circles anymore. How can we then, in good conscience, assume that all who call themselves Christian today understand or know what the Gospel message is?
November 29, 2020

Why We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas has become, for many of us, a season of making mud pies in this slum we call the world... a season of shallow and limited joys
November 22, 2020

Prosperity Gospel – A False Gospel

If, when you consider Adam’s abundance, you think that his prosperity was in any other substance, remind yourself that it was his very desire for such a thing that made him disobey God.
November 11, 2020

Why We Need Sound Doctrine

Love, after all, brings everyone together, while doctrine is simply a fancy word for nit-picking on unimportant issues that eventually result in discord, disagreement and division.
November 6, 2020

The One Where People Died

If we understand that the Bible is important and beneficial and true, why do its verses fail to embed themselves in our memory? Or worse yet, why does it slip some of our minds to even read the Bible at all on certain "busy" days?
October 25, 2020

Are You a Christian Look-Alike?

Understand that there is a form of Christian look-alike-ism that can fool you and it will be so even among the prophets and the teachers.
October 16, 2020

Why the Gospel Means Everything to Us

Whenever we compromise the Gospel, it is because we are ashamed of it, because we do not know its power. The value and power we see in this Gospel that saves, is directly reflected by how clearly we understand what we are saved from.